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Hey there!

I’m Michell Pulliam, women’s mindset coach, vision strategist, and author turned professional copywriter. My background in personal and professional development and ministry has given me the gifts of insight, empathy, and awareness. My skills to dig deep, ask the right questions, listen attentively, and genuinely care for others allow me to gain a better understanding of a problem or situation in order to come up with the BEST solution for you as my client. Using my 'BV' questionnaire, I know how to search for answers—most people don’t think to askso I can craft your company’s brand voice, values, and beliefs into your winning copy. My unique advantage is my infusion of storytelling; but not just any story… your story. And as women, boy, do we have some stories to tell! Not to mention… I aim to give you, the client, an exceptional customer experience. The project isn’t finished until you’re satisfied.

Listen, I get it. I was an overwhelmed female entrepreneur who started my entrepreneurship path in mid-life. At the time, I had no idea what to even put on my website and social media, or in my emails and marketing. I mean, it was just enough getting a business started, let alone thinking about copy or content and how to get the word out. But it materialized into me building my business from the ground up. God gave me the vision and with His help, I learned every aspect of web design, social media marketing, and copywriting (all while maintaining a first-page ranking on Google, in my niche). I decided to take the skills and talents He gave me and put them to use (what I love teaching women how to do in my coaching program). I know what it’s like when you don’t know where to start. So I’ve made it my mission to help as many female entrepreneurs get their message out to those who need to hear it most. In a way that’s not salesy, pushy, or fake... but as natural, authentic, and effortless as having a conversation with a friend. And that folks, is how I started my digital copywritng agency, Your Voice Copywriting. What I love most about what I do is that I get to serve all female entrepreneurs... those who have thriving and successful businesses with the budget to match, to those who are just getting started and on a tight budget... and everyone in between. While I think copywriters deserve every penny we get,—cause' we work hard y'all—I'm of the opinion that everyone who has a great product or service deserves, at the very least, adequate copy. I've got packages for everyone. Send me a message here and let's get you going.


I have a passion for working with women. I love the naturalness of collaborating with them and getting an understanding of their business needs. I guess it’s only natural as my background is in women’s mindset coaching. Besides, we women totally get each other, right? I love hearing your interesting backstories, then compiling those elements into a message that’s in perfect harmony with your audience. As your freelance professional copywriter, I’m skilled at writing copy for multiple audiences. I’m well-versed in SEO optimization and I know how to strategically use keywords to boost your search rankings. I’ll save you precious time in your already busy schedule. No need to pull valuable employees away from their assignments to work on copy, dropping the ball on other important areas of your business. And let’s not even think about pulling you away from the responsibility of running your fabulous business to fret over what to put on your website to attract those customers who have been waiting on a product or service like yours (but they don't know you even exist), or what to say in your emails, or what to talk about on social media or your blog. You get the picture. That’s what I’m here for. Not only am I a skilled copywriter, but I’m also pretty darn good at content creation (yes, there is a difference!), digital creation, and copyediting. Besides getting great copy, you also get succinct content that pinpoints your ideal customer’s pain point and the assurance that the work I present to you is error-free. No more headaches from trying to come up with perfect copy; that tells your story, in your voice, and attracts your ideal customer. I’ll save you time and money, while you reap the benefits of more eyes on your business, increased customer interaction (which leads to increased sales)… and then some.


I’ve always been a writer, actually a storyteller, for as long as I can remember. Writing and the ability to see a finished project in my mind before it's even started are God-given gifts I've had since I was young. As a child growing up, God gave me a colorful imagination and (thankfully) parents who didn't mind one bit... at least that's what I thought! I'm also an author who writes realistic women’s fiction because I want to inspire women to awaken their imagination to realize their own potential (there's that women's mindset background again). I also write because I honestly just love to entertain. I love bringing people into my world and making them feel good. And that's what great copy does... it makes you feel good! It's all about making that connection. My knack for entertaining others started as a little girl, and my love for comedy sketch shows like Sony and Cher, The Carol Burnett Show, Tony Orlando and Dawn, and The Flip Wilson Show only fueled that desire even more. I was that kid who stayed in the library, getting as many books as my little arms could carry. Holing up in my room until I read every single one. I would then make up my own characters, create stories around them, and, of course, act them out. I even had a writing pseudonym (Dana Polinski), my childhood alias… don’t even ask. I should have known then I was destined to create.


I always assumed that writing would only be a hobby for me when I realized I could actually take my storytelling skills and apply them to copywriting. (Copy doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be boring.) I realized that if I could bring a character to life, surely I could do the same for a business. I started with myself, writing copy for my business, which I started in midlife (but that’s another story for another time). I can tell you all about it once we start working together or you can just read all about me here.😊 I wrote copy for my website, social media posts, blogs, publications, courses, etc. Then it ventured into helping other women in their businesses. Until it blossomed into what it is today… Your Voice Copywriting—Putting your brand tone of voice and your story into your copy. Because your copy should always sound like you! Get in touch with me here and let's start crafting your client-attracting copy!


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