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Because your copy...

should always sound like you.

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your story    your brand voice        

 great perfect copy.

The guaranteed way to get your audience excited about your service or product is to hook them. And in order to hook them, you must connect with them. Let me show you how!

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You've got a product or service you know your ideal client needs and will fall in love with. BUT... 

You struggle with attracting them because you can't get their attention.

Like many business owners, you have trouble coming up with copy that doesn't sound like everyone else in your industry.

You may already have those great customers and clients, but you get writer's block when it comes time to show up on your social media, emails, or blog with content that keeps them engaged.

Tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to copy? You’re in the right place, you awesome businesswoman! I’m Michell Pulliam, and I’m here to help you get more eyes on your business, keep those eyes glued, and have them banging down your door for more! Because I believe when female business owners are sure of their message and how to connect that message to their audience, anything is possible.

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What people say...

Work Desk

I struggled a bit with explaining what exactly I was looking to accomplish with this project… But, Michell was so very patient with me and walked me through the process…giving me insight and clarity. Her responsiveness, feedback, patience, and willingness to turn my wishy-washy creativity into reality is greatly appreciated! I highly recommend her…you won’t be disappointed! Michaune M.

Work Desk

Michell was so attentive and helpful. She went above and beyond to help me with a technology issue to retrieve my files. Her work was so excellent and on time. I recommend her for your project needs. I am hooked and will return to her over and over again. Thank you Michell for allowing me to focus on other necessary components. Great Job!

Janice H.

Work Desk

Michell was awesome to work with. I explained to her exactly what I needed and she delivered. She actually exceeded my expectations. I love the descriptions she wrote for me and can’t wait to add them to my website. Her delivery was fast and she communicated with me throughout the process.

Terese H.

Female Business Owners
Candle Store Owner

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Bakery Owner
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Traffic isn't coming in as much as you'd like?

Sales have slacked off?

Find out what could be holding your business back and what you can do about it! 

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YVC - Why My Business Isn't Growing - Brainstorming Exercise.png

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